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Renaissance master, Michelangelo, is the subject of a new art website which covers a key period in art history. There are a host of articles covering some of the most significant art from the High Renaissance, including paintings, sculptures and drawings. There are also Michelangelo prints available to buy online for those who truly appreciate the great work that he produced over many decades.


There is a wealth of documentation available on the life of artist Michelangelo whose career touched on so many different areas of Italian society. Art history studies will tend to include key elements of his work plus Leonardo da Vinci, in order to display to students the contributions made by, and influence left from this era on much of what followed.

Michelangelo Prints

The website itself features a beautiful gallery of fine art prints, including many of the highlights from Michelangelo's own career. The High Renaissance remains a highly studied and appreciated period in art history and artists from this era continue to be household names all across the world.

There is a specific section on available prints which also describes important technical features about each work covered, so that you can also understand the importance of each art work. Much of the significance of Michelangelo's work, for example, is in the new techniques that he contributed to European art, which you may not be aware of if you simply browse through several of his best drawings or fresco paintings.

Our approved selection of Michelangelo prints even include several items which we ourselves have purchased over the years, and there is a great selection of photographs, drawings, paintings, frescos and architectural sketches. Simply visit the website to find out more about what is on offer.

Michelangelo Paintings

Frescos was the style of painting used by most artists during the Renaissance and this differed somewhat from the standard oil and watercolour painting methods which are more commonplace today. Michelangelo was an artist with incredible ambition and a desire to produce only the finest completed art works, and one example of this is his series of frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Paintings were only one of the artistic disciplines in which Michelangelo was involved and he was someone who held the technical skills and confidence to try out all manner of different elements which are together placed under the umbrella of the Renaissance era. This period was to influence various art mediums as well as literature and architecture, and further more besides those.

This article homepage will continue to add more art resources such as this one, and also aim to draw in different movements across other centuries of art history, to make this guide as helpful and comprehensive as possible. We also welcome on suggestions on which websites to add, but can't promise to agree necessarily with your ideas.

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